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Jacuzzi Desire

The Desire is an extended version of The Pleasure Jacuzzi with additional lying area. This made it possible to create a spacious spa pool for six people with a variety of seating and reclining areas. The pleasant contours of the jacuzzi combine beauty and functionality, allowing you to completely relax.


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Features and description

The desire to relax after physical or intellectual stress, to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, to plunge into the warm gentle water and dissolve in its pacifying calmness is so natural for a person.

The SPA DESIRE pool will help you fully enjoy relaxation, relieve stress and feel physical bliss and spiritual bliss.

Buy jacuzzi (SPA pool) Desire – favorable price

This SPA pool is the solemn finale in the Signature collection of hydromassage devices, designed and assembled by Passion SPAS, a company that has earned the trust of consumers with thirty years of experience in creating reliable, durable and functional spa pools.

Intending to buy a Spa pool from the Signature collection, pay attention to the advantages of the SPA Desire hydromassage device:

Spaciousness. This pool model is an extended version of The Pleasure. The SPA Desire hot tub also includes 4 seating areas, but there are already two lying places, and not one as in SPA PLEASURE. The price of the model, of course, will be slightly higher, but thanks to this addition, the pool has become more spacious and at the same time it accommodates 6 people.
Aquamassage. The SPA Desire model not only helps to relax, but also produces a therapeutic healing effect by massaging tired muscles of the body. Aqua Rolling Massage™ wonderfully works the muscles of the back with water rushing from the bottom of the seat up the back. The effect is comparable to professional massage.
Reliable and durable housing. The safety of the heavy-duty acrylic pool body and triple insulation is the advantage of the whirlpool device.
Pure water. The hydromassage pool is filled with clean water that has undergone a special multi-stage purification (Synergy Water Maintenance System).
Why book a Desire hot tub

The high-tech and spacious SPA Desire pool is a universal solution for connoisseurs of wellness relaxation.

Such a hydromassage device is a wonderful option for arranging a resting place in your own home. At the same time, ordering, delivery and installation of the pool are carried out both in Kiev and in other settlements.

SPA DESIRE can be used for:

Relaxation to relieve stress.
For pleasant communication with family and friends.
Wellness massage.
Mood uplift.
Recovery after fitness training.
Improvement in skin tone.
Removal of waste and toxins.

Hydromassage procedures in SPA DESIRE will help to neutralize the negative impact on health of external factors, strengthen the nerves, relax the muscles of the body and put thoughts and feelings in order. This model is in demand and ordered by consumers from America and Europe. Delivery of the spa pool is accurate and prompt. If Ukraine is indicated in the order address, SPA DESIRE will also be delivered and installed within the specified time.

Do not deny yourself the fulfillment of your cherished desires: order SPA DESIRE, and the desire to relax and unwind will be fulfilled!

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