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Want to buy a pool with its subsequent installation?

Perhaps you are interested in building a pool of your own design? Or is filtering your pool on your agenda?

Solving exactly these issues is the main purpose of our activities in Georgia and neighboring countries. After modern technology has made a huge leap forward in the field of design and comfort, and it became possible to buy a pool of modern, durable materials, we also, keeping pace with technology, deliver these products and services to you, eliminating the long process of building pools.And our wide and diverse range of finished pools will satisfy the standards and imagination even the most demanding customers with refined aesthetic taste. Just buy a ready-made pool of high quality and durable material, quickly installed and enjoy bathing in just 7 days.

Advantages of buying our prefabricated pools

Fast installation up to 7 days

You can probably imagine how long it takes to build a pool using the traditional method, can't you? Let us tell you that on average it takes 60 days. And with our help, you can enjoy swimming in your own pool, already in 7 days. You will not mind?

Pools without concrete

Why do you need to buy a finished pool from us? After all, think about it, the construction of the pool involves concrete, and then facing work. Are you burning with such a desire? Buy from us ready-made pool, we set it in a pit, and that's it, you can relax in it.

Eco - French swimming pools

Buying a prefabricated pool from our wide range is justified not only because of the accelerated timing and simplified installation work, but also because of the famous French environmental standards. Each one is made of eco-friendly and certified materials - EU quality!

You see what you're buying

During the construction of the pool, the future, the final design of your pet at the initial stage there is only in graphic form and in your mental image. And buy ready-made pool at us without his contemplation, probing and if you want, even bodily try on its volume and comfort is just not realistic.

Service life 50 years
Cheaper to maintain....