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SPA pool Aquatic 1

Aquatic 1 is the ideal spa pool for small venues. The Aquatic pool, 4m long, has enough space for swimming and at the same time has comfortable seating for quiet relaxation. Powerful pumps create an intense countercurrent, allowing you to swim in one place during your workout. All Passion Spas are equipped as standard with internal and external LED lighting, an elegant addition to your spa experience.


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Features and description

Training and playing sports in comfortable conditions is possible if you buy AQUATIC 1 SPA pool. Waterproof tank with a volume of 7500 liters, placed in an open or closed area. For people who lead the right lifestyle, an ergonomic plastic container is considered a water platform where you can:

improve swimming skills;
get cheerfulness and positive mood;
tactilely and visually feel the whirlpool of emotions;
raise the tone of the body and saturate yourself with energy.

Buy SPA pool Aquatic 1 for swimming and training

The operational characteristics of the jacuzzi include the presence of 3 seats and 1 for lying, synergistic water treatment and thoughtful tank dimensions (400x228x126 centimeters).

SPA pool Aquatic 1 provides 39 hydromassage jets that create water vibration, countercurrent and waves. Therefore, it is easy and simple for a person to swim in one place due to the strong disturbance of the water. The intensity of backflow formation is regulated by automatic control. The complete set of a water supply or liquid circulation device includes a cleaning pump that prevents the development of a pathogenic environment or blockages.

In the bowl for swimming and sports, 4 nozzles with a turbo effect are built-in. This approach predetermines the appropriate load on the body to hone skills in preparation for performances.

The Spa pool’s optional equipment includes Hybrid Heating, technical “delights” that help you enjoy music and motivational videos. Through the usb adapter they get access to Wi-Fi ready.

The speed of installation activities during the installation of the structure is determined by the functionality and complexity of the technical specifications. Experienced employees of the company will quickly and competently solve issues using technologies and tools. Optimization of labor costs for the installation process, predetermines savings and cost reduction.

SPA pool design features – price-quality ratio

The Swimming SPA pool is characterized by the attractive appearance of the elements of the Starbrite Interior LED lighting installation. The rectangular configuration of the bathing tank is popular among those who are fond of practicality and comfort. The model looks impeccable against the backdrop of nature, in fitness centers, beauty salons and in country houses.

The hydromassage bowl is intended for single swimming, joint pastime with friends and relatives. Resting in such a pool, the aesthetic and physical needs of users are satisfied at the same time. Musical compositions, combined with the installation and the white color of the hot tub, will give an unforgettable experience to those who like to soak in warm moisture.

The new Spa pool Aquatic 1, the price and quality of which will pleasantly surprise customers, provides for a preventive effect in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, blood vessels, blood pressure and dangerous diseases.

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