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SPA pool Swimspa Aquatic 3

Deep Aquatic 3 is an unparalleled multifunctional spa pool. In the swimming area, in addition to a spacious path, there are two additional seats, next to it there is a SPA area, which can accommodate up to 5 people. The Aquatic 3 is available in 130 cm depth as standard or 155 cm on request for those who need a deeper swim lane. Passion Spas pools are equipped with one powerful pump and one energy saving filter pump.


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Features and description

Swimspa Aquatic 3 is a new generation spa pool. You can throw away daytime worries and chores if there is a hot tub with a pulsating countercurrent nearby. It is easy to buy the SWIMSPA AQUATIC 3 Spa pool on the electronic catalog portal.

The “arsenal” of the product includes a pair of spacious walkways, digital sensitive thermostats and 6 seats. A plastic tank with a volume of up to 14,500 liters provides 74 nozzles and synergistic water treatment. High-precision controllers automatically maintain the temperature of the water, purify the liquid, preventing contamination.

Profitable to buy Swimspa Aquatic 3 – affordable price

Professional hot tubs for bathing are determined by positive characteristics:

energy efficient pump;
4 turbo jets for swimming;
LED installation Starbrite Interior;
dimensions (580x224x130 cm) and depth (130 cm).

Additional functionality of the SPA pool Ukraine is Wi-Fi ready, Hybrid HeatingTM and ergonomic filters. When designing a hot tub, modern technologies were used, which led to the optimization of labor.

Solid-cast containers look attractive and practical. The smooth surface of the swimming tank is easy to maintain and use. In contact with the vibrating surface of the water, a person receives energy and vigor, which are so necessary after busy working days. The spa pool relaxes the nerves, improves blood flow and repairs damaged muscle tissue. With the help of a hot tub, it is easy to do biorelaxation in a comfortable environment.

Through the design of the correct configuration, athletes train vigorously and prepare for performances. After swimming, the person moves on to relaxing treatments, if so desired. For this, roomy seats and a change in temperature are used. This approach allows the muscles to rest after recent exertion, which minimizes user fatigue. The soothing effect of the water jets has a positive effect on the nerves and the emotional background.

Why is it better to order Swimspa Aquatic 3 in Ukraine

The pool model from the Sport category is considered a kind of simulator due to the built-in countercurrent. Pumps create reactive power, which predetermines the intensity of backflows. Compact nozzles form water flows controlled by the program offline.

Layered thermal insulation of the case reduces energy losses during the operation of the product. SPA pool price and quality, which meets the technical requirements, operates without noise. A certified whirlpool bath provides for appropriate standardization.

The control unit consists of waterproof elements and is designed to solve related issues. Fixed nozzles must be properly connected to the water channels to obtain a balanced water level in the tank. Therefore, the installation of the structure is carried out by experienced craftsmen who know the intricacies of this matter.

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