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SPA pool Swimspa Fitness 1

The Fitness Collection of Swim Spas are designed to fully recreate the experience of a full swim that adapts to the intensity of your workout. Our innovative Current-LiftTechnology™ was developed by Passion Spas. It automatically adjusts the water flow according to the intensity of your workout. As soon as you reduce the strength of the two upper swim currents, the lower swim currents automatically increase in intensity, creating more “lift”. This gives you more buoyancy while slowing down your swimming speed. That is, the faster you swim, the less lift you need from the lower water currents. The Swim Spas from the Fitness collection also include standard features such as Paddle, Step Start and Synergic Water Treatment.


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Features and description

Such a useful acquisition as a SPA pool will rightfully be considered a personal health complex in your home. Its regular use has a beneficial effect on the human body, including cases when healthy sleep is disturbed due to back and neck pain and chronic fatigue bothers you.

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This is a great solution for those who are constantly busy with successful professional activities and are simply not able to allocate time for a good rest. The technology of this pool lies in the well-thought-out mechanical effect of water and heat on the human body.

Specifications of the hot tub for swimming

The SWIMSPA FITNESS 1 pool model is characterized by a number of advantages that distinguish it from the bulk of this product group:

in-depth spa dimensions: 400x228x152 cm;
standard dimensions: 400x228x126 cm;
floor sprayers for swimming 2 pcs.;
synergetic concept of water purification;
turbo atomizers for swimming 4 pcs.;
energy efficient cleaning pump;
Starbrite Interior LED lighting system;
standard volume 7500 l.;
weight without water 1200 kg;
the volume of the deep spa is 9000 liters;
the weight of the deep spa without water is 1400 kg;
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The SPA pool allows you to feel the atmosphere of a full-fledged swimming and is able to adapt to the pace of your workout. The innovative Current-LiftTechnology™ system mechanically adjusts the water pressure so that the two downstreams mechanically increase in intensity as the two upstreams decrease, thereby creating a “lifting force”.

When your body is immersed in the pool, a feeling of weightlessness is created, which makes it possible to relax to the maximum. As for water, it is heated and the set temperature is constantly maintained.

You can buy a Spa pool in Kyiv (Ukraine) on our website, and our qualified managers will answer any question you are interested in. The price varies depending on the model of the product, its size and material of manufacture.

The price of the SPA is impeccable design and high quality

If you decide to fill your life with vivid impressions and truly relax for a long time, you should buy a Swimspa Fitness 1 spa pool for swimming. You will not notice how quickly time flies during a workout. Several effects are combined here: during heating and immersion – static, and with jet and air massage action – dynamic.

You no longer need to go separately to the pool and spa, now you can combine all this in your yard. You will have a pleasant and useful time swimming in the pool, which will last for decades, thanks to European quality.

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