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SPA pool Swimspa The Energy

The full-featured Energy Swim Spa, with a long swim lane and over 100 hydro jets, is the epitome of the Passion SPA Fitness collection. In addition to our Current-Lift Technology™ to keep the swimmer still on the surface of the water, there is Aqua Rolling Massage™, Intense Therapy Zone™, Therapy Wave Zone™ and Waterfall Massage™. The Energy also includes the Levitation Bed™, which provides a full body massage that creates a deep relaxing soaring experience. The Energy is also divided into sections for swimming and spa relaxation using the Dual Zone Heating system. This allows you to stay cool during your swim workout and then soothe tired muscles in the spa’s hot water.


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Features and description

Ten years ago, hot tubs were considered a luxury and an indicator of wealth. Today it is not difficult to buy a SWIMPSA THE ENERGY Spa pool at an affordable price. Thanks to the optimized production of cast structures, based on high-tech developments, a pool model has appeared where you can:

swim and relax with friends;
learns to swim and train;
relieve fatigue, stress and neuroses;
restore energy balance.
Buy a swimming pool Swimspa The Energy

For each customer, taking into account consumer requests, an advantageous offer is formed. Passion Spas offers an ergonomic SPA pool Ukraine with a large functional range. The two-section Energy Swim Spa includes more than 100 jets, a pair of recumbents and seating.

The ergonomic water treatment tank is considered a showpiece from the Passion Spas Fitness collection. The finished product consists of glossy white acrylic, which is framed with layered thermal insulation. The 16,000 liter airtight container accommodates more than two users at the same time.

The swimming lane provides a depth of up to one and a half meters, which causes a feeling of comfort for athletes and swimmers. The operational and technical advantages of the pool include:

the property is easy to stay on the water;
toning and relaxing body massage;
dual-zone heating, Current-Lift Technology, Aqua Rolling;
ability to train and prepare for competitions.
It is profitable to order Swimspa The Energy – the best price

The already listed advantages are accompanied by Waterfall Massage, Levitation Bed, Therapy Wave Zone, through which a full body massage, a feeling of weightlessness and relaxation is guaranteed.

Heating of water in the appropriate modes, is predetermined by the functionality of the Spa pool. For example, when training on the track, the water temperature will be lower than in the relax zone.

Acrylic bowls with artificial heating and liquid cleaning, quickly gain temperature, maintaining indicators with the help of an offline program. The tightness and thermal insulation of the tank, control of the supply, heating and cleaning of the liquid provide for the ergonomics of the product. Non-slip surface of an artificial “source” of joy and health, prevents unforeseen situations.

During the service life of the SPA pool, the price and design, which meets European quality standards, retains its appearance. The dimensions of the body of the pool structure are determined by the standard dimensions (720x228x128 cm), which vary with the depth.

The hot tub comes with 4 turbos and 2 swimming jets. Energy efficient water treatment involves a synergistic approach to fluid treatment. Starbrite Interior LED lighting creates comfort and a favorable indoor climate.

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