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SPA Pool Swimspa Fitness 2

The Fitness Collection of Swim Spas are designed to fully recreate the experience of a full swim that adapts to the intensity of your workout. Our innovative Current-LiftTechnology™ was developed by Passion Spas. It automatically adjusts the water flow according to the intensity of your workout. As soon as you reduce the strength of the two upper swim currents, the lower swim currents automatically increase in intensity, creating more “lift”. This gives you more buoyancy while slowing down your swimming speed. That is, the faster you swim, the less lift you need from the lower water currents. Swim Spas from the Fitness collection also include standard features such as Paddle, Step Start and Synergic Water Treatment.


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Features and description

The Swim Spa Fitness 2 pool is designed to hone your swimming skills. For lovers of active swimming, we offer a Spa pool from the Fitness collection, designed for full-fledged swimming with the ability to control the intensity of training swims.

Buy a Jacuzzi Swim Spa Fitness 2 for swimming and relaxation

SPA pool has a positive effect on the body as a whole, providing the following effect:

Accelerates blood circulation;
Heals the body through the work of all muscle groups and strengthens the musculoskeletal system;
Trains the heart to resist diseases of the cardiovascular system.

For productive swimming, it is necessary to feel the flow of water with your whole body, which provides resistance. In order for your body to adapt to the water pressure as much as possible, this model has a special technology that can regulate the water flow for a comfortable swim. You can buy a Spa pool from the official distributor of PassionSPAS at an affordable price.

The special patented technology Current-LiftTechnology ™, thanks to the latest innovative developments, allows you to adjust the incoming water flow automatically. Depending on the intensity of your training, when the strength of the two upper swimming currents decreases, feedback is triggered to increase the intensity of the two lower swimming currents. That is, the system senses the decrease in your swimming speed and creates additional lift for better buoyancy. You can buy a spa pool Ukraine with the following characteristics:

Possibility to choose in addition to the standard size pool with a depth of 126 cm, a deeper version with dimensions of 500 × 228 × 152 cm.
The model is equipped with 4 turbo jets for swimming.
At the bottom of the structure there are 2 jets for swimming.
A special system for cleaning and disinfecting water with a synergistic effect using a high-power cleaning pump.
Bright LED backlight.
Patented water heating system.
WiFi support.
The SPA pool in the standard version is designed for a water volume of 10,000 liters and in the extended version – 12,000 liters.
The weight of an empty standard pool is 1400 kg, and an extended one is 1600 kg.
Patented Current-Lift™ technology to regulate water flow.
Why is it better to order Swim Spa Fitness 2 – a convenient price

You can buy a Spa pool in Kyiv and with delivery to other cities of Ukraine with the maximum benefit, both in terms of price and warranty service. Such a pool can be completely installed in a suburban area, where there is sufficient space for this. Also, this model will be appropriate in gyms or fitness clubs.

Before you buy a Fitness 2 Spa pool, the price of which is quite reasonable, you should consider all the nuances of its installation – the place and operating conditions. This is a comfortable “smart” spa pool with impressive electronic content, the possibilities of which will definitely delight you.

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