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SPA Pool Spa Repose

The Repose – includes three ergonomic lying areas. Each of the zones has different sizes to accommodate people of different heights. Each reclining chair has excellent lumbar support for maximum comfort and relaxation.


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Features and description

It’s nice after exhausting busy everyday life to have fun and relax with friends in an easy relaxing atmosphere. Relaxation in the spacious SPA REPOSE hydromassage pool from the Pure collection, designed and created by the world-famous manufacturer Passion SPAS, will bring together, relax and inspire both the family company and the group of friends. The feeling of incredible bliss, weightlessness and fireworks of exciting emotions that the SPA pool gives will turn relaxation in a hydromassage device into a tactile and spiritual pleasure.
In addition, after getting acquainted with the impressive functionality of the pool model, the price of SPA REPOSE will be a pleasant surprise, since the advantage of the Pure Collection spa devices is the beneficial combination of the functional filling of the pools and their prices.
The advantages of the SPA REPOSE pool model are as follows:

Professional design. Passion SPAS works with special attention to the creation of the design of hydromassage devices. The lines, recesses and placements of nozzles, ice lights and other structural elements are carefully verified so that the design is visually pleasing and consistent with the effective functioning of the device.
6-seater design. The advantages of SPA REPOSE include a six-seater pool design. Thanks to this, the owner of the pool can arrange friendly meetings for relaxation and communication. And in such a friendly country as Ukraine, this is an obvious plus.
Complex water purification. Passion SPAS engineers have found effective solutions for water purification. Thanks to ozone sanitation and UV treatment, the water in the hydromassage pool is maintained at the proper level of cleanliness.
Jacuzzi REPOSE – choice, features, price
The SPA REPOSE pool is suitable for friendly fun gatherings, and for romantic dates, and for cozy family evenings, and for wellness and recovery procedures. Since the design of the pool is designed for 6 people in the bathroom at the same time, by installing the SPA REPOSE device in your own home, you can safely arrange parties with so many guests. The idea to buy a Spa pool for 6 seats is suitable for those who like to relax with their family after a hard week of work.

Also, SPA REPOSE is a suitable place for a romantic date for lovers. Soothing water circulation, lighting and relaxing tactile sensations will create the right atmosphere for romantics. And, of course, a pleasant bonus for the owners of SPA REPOSE will be the beneficial effect of healing water procedures carried out in the hydromassage pool. The price of SPA procedures, for the owner, will be free on an ongoing basis.

Purchasing your own hot tub is a good solution for arranging your own home. With him, the atmosphere of the home will be more comfortable. Buyers often opt for SPA REPOSE. After all, this pool model impresses with thoughtful design, spaciousness and advanced functionality. The ordered spa pool will be delivered on time and accurately across the country: both to Kyiv and to another city. Choose, order and enjoy!

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