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Spa pool Spa Felicity

The Felicity includes the most advanced and delightful hydromassage options. Aqua Rolling Massage™, Wave Massage™, Waterfall Massage™, and Intense Therapy Zone™ are all standard features of this amazing spa pool. All this makes it a truly luxurious spa pool that will provide you and your family with delightful therapeutic relaxation for years to come.


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Features and description

Working hard does not make a person happy. For the fullness of happiness, you need a complete physical and psychological rest. A complete rest today is unthinkable without relaxation in a spacious spa pool filled with crystal clear warm water.

The FELICITY SPA pool is the pearl of the Exclusive collection of elite hydromassage devices, created at the enterprises of the PassionSPAS company. This company has been producing ergonomic comfortable spa pools for soothing relaxation and wellness therapy for thirty years.

Profitable to buy SPA Felicity – affordable price

The SPA felicity pool is a corner of luxury and serene relaxation, the price of which is determined by the obvious advantages of this hydromassage device:

Spa massage enjoyment. This spa pool model is a delightful find for aqua massage lovers. After all, SPA Felicity offers the owner and his guests to enjoy useful and pleasant types of hydromassage. Aqua Rolling Massage™ gives the back an energizing massage with water rising up along the dorsal surface, Wave Massage™ works the back from the bottom to the shoulders, Waterfall Massage™ gently relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulder area with warm gentle jets, and Intense Therapy Zone ™ separately works the lower part of the back.
Crystal clear water in the pool. The water in the SPA FELICITY hydromassage device is specially treated (Synergy Water Maintenance System).
The spaciousness of SPA FELICITY. The spacious pool accommodates one place for lying and 4 places for sitting (two of which are a special comfortable bench with wave massage), thanks to which a company of five people can simultaneously enjoy hydromassage treatments.
Who is comfortable ordering a Felicity jacuzzi

SPA FELICITY hydromassage equipment is popular in a number of European countries. And Ukraine is also one of them. The demand for this SPA model is due to the versatility of the use of the pool. So, for example, SPA FELICITY is a ready-made home therapeutic pool that works on individual areas of the body that need to be relieved of tension.

Also, this spa pool is a wonderful option for family or friends communication in a relaxed atmosphere. And, of course, the main purpose of SPA FELICITY is to create comfortable conditions for relaxation, enjoyment of peace, tranquility and serenity. Affordable jacuzzi price, excellent functionality, spaciousness are the best conditions for buying.

The SPA FELICITY pool impresses with its elegance of design, richness of functionality, spaciousness and thoughtful design. Relaxing in this hydromassage device is extremely pleasant. The bliss of aquamassage, the aesthetic pleasure of contemplating the illuminated water in the pool, the gentle warmth of crystal clear water cause an ardent desire to buy a Spa pool.

Purchasing a personal spa is a pleasant and exciting experience. After all, with the advent of a spa pool in the house, life will become brighter, easier, happier and richer. Order SPA FELICITY in Kyiv or in another city – and enjoy happy moments of relaxation with family and friends!

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