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Jacuzzi Spa Pleasure

Built to last, like all Passion Spas, The Pleasure has been designed with exceptional attention to detail. State of the art design, this medium sized spa features a programmable control system, 56 hydromassage jets and our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™ for an invigorating massage. Standard Passion Spas features include a gentle circulating air massage, Star Brite LED lighting and Aromatherapy.


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Features and description

Relaxation in the pool and hydromassage with gentle jets of the purest water is a universal way to restore physical strength and mental balance after a tiring day. And this pleasure becomes doubly pleasant when you relax in the pool not alone, but with loved ones.

SPA pool SPA PLEASURE creates wonderful conditions both for relaxation in quiet seclusion, and for relaxation in a close-knit company of relatives and friends. After all, this hydromassage pool was designed by the engineers of the Passion SPAS company, which specializes in the manufacture of reliable and high-tech hydromassage devices. And this means that when the pool was designed and manufactured, the smallest details were taken into account.

Advantages of Jacuzzi SPA PLEASURE

The SPA PLEASURE pool is a high-tech hydromassage device that attracts consumers with obvious advantages:

Joint relaxation. The presence of four seats and one comfortable lounger in the pool is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a spa holiday together with family or friends.
Relaxing and wellness massage. In this model, engineers, together with physiotherapists, designed a comfortable environment for wellness massage therapy. 56 hydromassage jets and the invention of Passion SPAS Aqua Rolling Massage™ work wonders, giving the body a relaxing massage and toning the body.
Clean water in the pool. For hydromassage procedures in SPA PLEASURE, the purest water is used, since the water enters the device after being pre-treated with ozonation and UV exposure.
Advanced technical equipment. Thinking about which Spa pool to buy, pay attention to the SPA PLEASURE programmable control system, LED lighting, the ability to connect a usb WiFi adapter and other useful and pleasant technical details.
Why is it profitable to buy a PLEASURE SPA pool

The SPA PLEASURE pool is sold in America and European countries. Ukraine is also showing interest in this model of hydromassage device. After all, SPA PLEASURE, due to its size, technical equipment and functional content, is also used for

Achievement of a therapeutic healing effect obtained due to the beneficial aqua massage and the healing effect of pure warm water;
complete relaxation, bringing wonderful lightness and peace;
hosting a friendly party in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

To purchase a hydromassage pool, contact the managers who take orders in the city of Kyiv and other representative offices of the company. Please note that the price of the jacuzzi is per bowl. Delivery and installation services are charged separately.

Since SPA PLEASURE belongs to the Signature Collection, designed for the mid-level price segment of the spa pool market, the price of the hydromassage device will correspond to the functional content that the selected pool configuration implies.

Book the SPA PLEASURE hot tub and experience the magical, invigorating power of spa relaxation!

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