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SPA pool Spa Sensation

The defining features of The Sensation are the efficient use of space and the variety of massage sensations. The offset bucket seats allow you to sit facing each other without sharing legroom. A comfortable recumbent seat allows even a tall person to lie very comfortably in the jacuzzi. The Sensation is packed with tons of massage features, including our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™ that pampers and massages your body like a real masseuse.


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Features and description


Enjoying a fabulous vacation in your own spa pool after a tiring day full of excitement and hassle is an unaffordable luxury for some, while for others it is a pleasant everyday life, without which it is impossible to imagine a comfortable life.
The price of a spa pool for supporters of elite comfort is a non-determining factor when choosing a hydromassage device. The main role is played by functional content, aesthetics and capacity of products, ergonomics and programmability of spa pools.
The SPA SENSATION pool is part of the Exclusive collection of elite spa pool models manufactured by Passion SPAS, a manufacturer of hydromassage devices whose name is associated with reliability, high-tech approaches and innovation.

Profitable to buy SPA SENSATION – the best price
Thoughtful use of space

THE SENSATION SPA pool stands out among other hot tubs with a non-standard design solution for placing seats in the pool tank. Engineers moved the two bucket seats slightly to allow people facing each other to communicate freely without intersecting in the legroom. The design of the reclining place is made so that people of different heights can comfortably accommodate in the jacuzzi.

Impressive range of massage features

Buyers who dream of buying a Spa pool are primarily interested in what kind of aquamassage the hydromassage device performs. The SPA SENSATION pool is equipped with an enviable set of massage functions (60 hydromassage jets for 3 places), which turns hydromassage treatments into a firework of tactile sensations. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of Aqua Rolling Massage ™ in the device.


And the ergonomic design of the spa pool, and the special multi-stage purification of the water used, and atmospheric lighting, and nozzles placed in suitable places serve the main goal – they create delightful comfortable conditions for spa relaxation.

What is special about the SENSATION jacuzzi

SPA SENSATION, thanks to its ergonomic design, will easily fit into the interior of an apartment, whether it be Kyiv or any other city. Using this device is easy and pleasant. Here are just some of the applications of SPA SENSATION:

Rest. The SPA SENSATION pool gives complete relaxation, relaxes after physical fatigue, restores strength after a workout in the gym.
Wellness therapy. The massage options of this pool help to work out the muscles of the body, relax them and relieve the accumulated tension.
A place for pleasant conversation. Three places in the spa pool create the conditions for a heart-to-heart conversation between loved ones.

The SPA SENSATION pool is ordered and bought both in America and in Europe. The list of countries where this elite-level spa pool is sold includes Ukraine.
THE SENSATION spa pool is a find and a sensation for connoisseurs of luxury spa equipment. If you dream of enjoying harmony, pampering, serene relaxation and a pleasant massage in your own home – you just need to buy a SENSATION jacuzzi.

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