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Spa Pool Spa Relax

The Relax includes two full-size deep lounge chairs and 3 bucket seats. Sit back, relax and enjoy chatting with family and friends while relaxing in your spa.


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Features and description


The dream of an island of serenity and bliss in your own home is close to many. And it’s always great to share pleasant feelings and emotions with family and friends…
The SPA RELAX pool model created by Passion SPAS, which has been producing hydromassage bathtubs for thirty years, will help to make these dreams come true. The RELAX model is part of the Pure Collection spa pool series, which combines the functionality of hydromassage devices and their price advantageously.

Why it is profitable to buy a Relax jacuzzi

The SPA RELAX pool, like other Passion SPAS hydromassage devices, gives a magical relaxing feeling of weightlessness in the water.
In addition, the model has the following advantages:

Interesting design. The stylish design of SPA RELAX was developed by professionals in the field of design of hydromassage devices, taking into account the tastes of consumers. Smooth curves and lines of the snow-white surface are in perfect harmony with the silver design of the nozzles.
Availability of places to spend time with family or friends. The capacious hydromassage pool (1300 l) is designed especially for rest of a friendly or family company. The SPA RELAX model has two sun loungers and three bucket seats.
Comfortable, versatile seat design. The design of these places is adapted for the convenience of people with different heights, which makes it universal.
32 hydromassage jets. The SPA RELAX pool is equipped with thirty-two hydromassage jets, the intensity of which is adjustable.
High quality water in the pool. The purity of water in SPA RELAX is maintained by a special ozonizing system.
Order a cool SPA pool at the best price

The RELAX hydromassage pool from the Pure Collection spa equipment is used for such purposes.

Amazing relaxation. The RELAX model is focused on helping a person to relax both physically and psychologically. Anyone who has ever tried to relieve tension in the hot tub, fully felt the power of this device. That is why the SPA pool Ukraine is an acquisition for many.
Recovery. Passion SPAS develops design features to achieve tangible physiotherapeutic effects in the treatment of a number of diseases.
Fun friendly getaway. The presence of several places in the pool (three in the form of a bucket for sitting and two sunbeds) turns SPA RELAX into a cozy place for friendly gatherings with a relaxed atmosphere. The feeling is as if you came to Kyiv with friends and visited an elite spa.

A private hydromassage pool is a place for proper relaxation and restoration of psychological balance after everyday hustle and bustle, as well as a corner of luxury in the house, an object of constant admiration for friends and acquaintances.
If you decide to buy a Spa pool to relieve stress, improve your health and have a good time with friends, the SPA RELAX model will be a pleasant and successful find.
Order SPA RELAX, and soon you will be able to bask in the purest water of your own modern spa pool with pleasure!

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