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Pool panel Oval BNV-357005

Dimensions 7000 × 3500 × 1500 mm

  • Pool bowl – galvanized steel frame
  • interior trim – blue liner, factory-made 0.6 / 0.8 mm thick with UV protection
  • equipment – a hinged unit with a membrane cleaning system 6/15 mkr + control panel
  • lighting – LED spotlight 100/300 W with voltage 12V
  • ladder – hinged stainless steel ladder with 4 steps STANDART/MURO


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Features and description

Panel oval pool BNV-357005, when installed in the ground, the buyer is unlikely to distinguish from a concrete or plastic bowl. The manufacturer has done everything possible so that the appearance of the product does not betray its belonging to the budget class. The construction of steel shields and PVC liner is positioned as a mobile pool for seasonal use. The bowl is designed for ground mounting and installation in the ground. The product is allowed to be placed in a residential building and on the street, in the open air.

The panel oval pool is presented by the seller in several modifications. Where the buyer is offered to choose a bowl according to dimensions and cost. Being in the budget class, the product aims to compete with inflatable and prefabricated structures that win in terms of price, but lose in terms of durability and strength.

Panel oval pool

The advantage of oval panel pools is reliability and mobility. A durable metal frame maintains the integrity of the structure in case of physical damage. A collapsible design allows the owner to dismantle the pool at the end of the swimming season, freeing up the rented space in the resort area. The appearance of the pool is easy to change by replacing the PVC liner.

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