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Jacuzzi Admire

The Admire is a large, spacious spa that is packed with features and seating configurations for the ultimate in relaxation. Deep bucket seats and wide loungers feature hydro jets and our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™ for an invigorating hydromassage experience. Our exclusive Everlast™ floor support system provides structural integrity and maximum heat retention, making Passion Spas one of the most energy efficient spas on the market.


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Features and description

After a tiring day spent at work, shopping or in a fitness club, a relaxing aqua massage will help restore strength. Feeling the touch of pleasant warm water and air jets directed to tired parts of the body will create a state of weightlessness and relaxation indescribable in words.

Every day, the SPA Admire hydromassage pool will help you fully relax, relieve nervous tension and simultaneously improve your health. The delightful spa treatments included in the functionality of this device will give pleasure to both the owner of the pool and friends relaxing with him, who, after relaxing in SPA Admire, will also want to buy a Spa pool. SPA ADMIRE is a model from the Signature Collection of pools from the Passion SPAS company, famous for its reliable, safe and high-tech hydromassage pools.

Buy jacuzzi (SPA pool) Admire – best price

SPA pool ADMIRE captivates consumers with its thoughtful design, high-tech construction, reliability of a durable body and a successful configuration:

Pool capacity. In this model of the hydromassage device, 6 people are freely accommodated for relaxation, since the pool is spacious, and the SPA ADMIRE design includes 5 seats and one for lying.
Beneficial effect of massage. With 60 hydromassage jets, a soft, delightful circulating air massage, Aqua Rolling Massage™ provides a pleasant sensation of bodily comfort and relaxation, helping the spa owner to conclude that the price of SPA ADMIRE is justified by the pleasure that the device gives during spa treatments.
Comfort. The SPA Admire pool was designed to meet the consumer’s needs for a comfortable, relaxing stay. And places for relaxation, and special armrests, and the placement of hydromassage jets, and Starbrite Interior LED lighting – everything in the SPA Admire configuration is focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation.
Why is it profitable to order SPA Admire
The SPA Admire hydromassage device, thanks to specially equipped places for massage, creates wonderful conditions for wellness treatments. A special massage of tired areas invigorates and tones the body, cleanses the skin and strengthens the nerves.
Also, the spa pool is used for a fun joint holiday with friends.
And, of course, the main application of the SPA Admire pool is relaxation, relaxing the muscles of the body and improving mood.
Passion SPAS pools are sold both in America and in Europe. Ukraine is also among the countries where it is easy to purchase a hydromassage device from this company.
The delightful sensation of relaxation in the spa is a dream come true for city dwellers exhausted by the harsh and nervous rhythm of the urban jungle. Buying and installing SPA Admire will help you realize the dream of relaxing in your own hot tub.

Order SPA ADMIRE in Kyiv or another city – and the dream of spa relaxation will come true faster than expected!

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