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Jacuzzi Spa Bliss

The compact The Bliss Spa is the perfect spa for those who live in a condominium or apartment. This spa is designed for two people, covers an area of ​​only 225 x 100 cm, and is equipped with the necessary functions. Two comfortable seats allow you and your significant other to relax in comfort. After all, the seats have a very large depth and width. Built-in armrests, drink holders and separate jet controls make The Bliss both practical and comfortable. Our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™ system is built into one of the seats for the most effective spinal therapy.


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Features and description

Staying in the SPA pool gives a feeling of bliss, peace and delightful lightness. And when you take a bath with your loved one, you experience unearthly bliss. Perhaps that is why couples in love often seek to buy a Spa pool. A suitable option in this case would be the compact model SPA BLISS. The pool is manufactured by the Passion SPAS company with thirty years of experience in creating hydromassage devices.

Jacuzzi SPA BLISS belongs to the Signature Collection series of pools, focused on the middle price segment. Models in this series will be appreciated by buyers seeking at minimal cost to get a device that meets the individual needs of pool owners in spa treatments.


The SPA BLISS pool is a high-tech hydromassage device that attracts customers with a number of obvious advantages.

Compactness. The compact dimensions of SPA BLISS make the pool a great option for apartment owners where there is no space for large hydromassage devices.
Convenient price. As for a home jacuzzi, this is the best solution.
Availability of 2 places. SPA BLISS is a pool model for two, and this alone explains the constant demand for this hydromassage device among couples in love. Delivery and installation of this pool is regularly ordered by residents of the city of Kyiv, and couples from other Ukrainian cities.
Comfort. The convenience of two seats in the SPA BLISS hydromassage pool is an obvious plus of the device. Comfortable armrests, seats with a thoughtful design, drink holders turn the SPA pool into a source of complete relaxation.
Aqua Rolling Massage™. Aqua Rolling Massage™ functions in one seat of the pool, helping to massage the muscles of the back, effectively relaxing.
Order SPA pools for two

The price of SPA BLISS is determined by the configuration of the pool and the range of application. The SPA BLISS hydromassage pool is used by device owners for:

Relaxation. The pleasant effect of weightlessness and enveloping heat, felt during spa treatments, helps to fully relax in the hydromassage pool and relieve accumulated fatigue.
Have fun swimming pool. Double SPA BLISS is a wonderful place for romantic relaxation of loving people.
Recovery. The tonic effect of hydromassage procedures has a beneficial effect on the body: blood circulation is stimulated, toxins are removed from the body, and nervous tension is relieved.

The SPA BLISS pool will help you recuperate and relieve stress after an exhausting stay in the office, immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of warm water with your loved one, enjoy a relaxing hydromassage and improve your health.

Now Ukraine will also be able to appreciate the European quality of Passion SPAS hydromassage pools. Since you can now order the Passion SPAS device in our country. Order SPA BLISS and give yourself and your loved one a magical feeling of bliss, bliss and peace!

Installation of a SPA pool (Jacuzzi) on the street in winter

PassionSpas hot tubs are often referred to as Jacuzzi. This is wrong. After all, Jacuzzi is a brand that produces sanitary ware and medical hydromassage equipment. And SPA pools Passion (Netherlands) is an autonomous complex for relaxation:

Relaxing massage.
Restoration of vitality.
Rest alone or in a noisy company.

The main advantage of Passion Spas hydromassage spa pools is unlimited use. If you want to install a SPA outdoors and enjoy the outdoors, it’s easy. Place the bowl anywhere. The main thing is to provide a one-time filling with water and supply electricity. Spring, summer, winter or autumn – there are no restrictions on the seasonality of using SPA pools.

Passion SPA is a heated hydromassage pool

All the charm in the SPA pools (Jacuzzi) is a fully computerized system paired with high-end equipment:

Powerful circulation pump capable of supplying water to the nozzles at any pressure.
Multi-level filtration equipment that can distinguish between debris with dirt and bacteria.
Multi-stage heating system with maintaining the set water temperature.

And all this efficiency for high-quality hydromassage is complemented by maximum amenities for relaxation. Adjustable nozzles and operating modes. Built-in acoustics and multimedia support. Those who like to take a spa outdoors in winter will certainly like even the remote control, which can be used to start the bowl remotely and immerse yourself in heated rather than cold water.

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