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Composite pool (fiberglass) Water park

The water park is a full-fledged health-improving complex consisting of two pools. A spacious swimming area will delight sports enthusiasts, and a spa area for 5 people will easily replace your back massage in beauty salons. Thanks to the overflow spa in the Aquapark, a single filtration system is used, which significantly saves your costs for installing and maintaining the pool. Our offer is an ideal solution for a large family, party lovers, holiday homes, boarding houses.


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Features and description

Fiberglass pools attract the attention of buyers due to the cost and durability of the bowl. But future owners find prefabricated pools limited in elegance and size, and prefer building pools to their own designs. The B.N.V. company, which manufactures fiberglass pools based on marketing research, will help to put an end to this issue. The Ukrainian brand has dozens of offers of different shapes and sizes in its portfolio.

Composite pools (fiberglass)

Swimming pool Aquapark is a health complex that can please kids and adults. A special area is reserved for professional swimmers and the installation of a countercurrent on the side of the bowl is not excluded. Lovers of basking in the sun will love the comfortable steps and seats. For the kids there is a private pool, which, after the installation of hydromassage equipment, easily turns into a spa.

Composite pools (fiberglass) will surprise the owner with increased strength, which guarantees the stability of the bowl during soil settlement or integrity during ice formation in winter. The inner surface of the reservoir does not need finishing, but at the request of the customer, technologists B.N.V. install a colorful liner. The bowl is resistant to chemicals and does not allow bacteria to form on a perfectly smooth surface. The lack of thermal conductivity saves the owner’s finances on heating water.

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