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Buy ready-made pool from fiber glass in Tbilisi

Buy ready-made pool from fiber glass in Tbilisi

Construction of time-stretched pools in Georgia is gradually going out of fashion. Taking into account the technologies of the XXI century, entrepreneurs adapted to the needs of the consumer and managed to successfully fulfill the task set before them in the shortest possible time. In Georgia, it is now possible to buy a pool in Tbilisi, the installation of which is carried out in just 3-5 days, and enjoy health. The quality of production, the rigidity of the product and the duration of the operational period are brought to the highest standards. Examples of this are ready-made fiberglass pools.

Manufacturing technology

A fiberglass swimming pool is often called a composite structure. However, ready-made standard pools are not related to composite materials in any way. Рекламно-шонненический ход недобросовестных применениетелей наносит финансовый вред интересам укусурам. Fiberglass swimming pools are produced from synthetic polymers – from acrylic and fiberglass. In the production process, the applied polymer resin performs a connecting function for the fibers. Fiber glass swimming pools are twice cheaper than composite analogs. And for the production of composite pools, the following are necessary: ​​reinforced and nano fillers, medical composites, liquid and filamentous crystals, ceramic fibrous fillers. The technological process cannot be neglected either.

Swimming pool from fiber glass 

For the end user, the “price-quality” criterion is a weighty argument, because the future buyer is oriented to buy a pool in Tbilisi similar to the purchase of real estate. Namely, once and for all. Company BNV provides an official warranty of 10 years for fiberglass pools! Moreover, the company, which has a huge working experience in Ukraine, and to be more precise since 1992, gives a guarantee that the pools will last much longer than the warranty period. Such confidence is caused by the fact that there are no complaints from customers of the company for 25 years of working experience. Жесткости конструкции the consumer does not pay due attention, alas, although this criterion should be one of the main ones for future owners whose land plots are vulnerable to soil subsidence.

Advantages and disadvantages

Resistance to chemical reagents, bacterial growth and discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays attracts the buyer who wants to build a swimming pool in the open ground, under the open sky. The minimum heat exchange will be attractive to the client who has a land plot on a hard stratified soil, in which the penetration of solar rays is complicated, and maybe even impossible, and it is difficult to heat quickly. Swimming pools made of fiber glass do not require additional cladding – the perfectly smooth surface provides the family with conditions for comfortable rest.

The ready-made shape of the cup reduces the time required for installation and start-up of the pool, which is a truly great advantage of swimming pools made of acrylic and fiberglass. There is also a drawback, and fortunately there is one – the manufacturer will not make the pool according to the client’s drawings. We can only hope for one thing, that even the most sophisticated and advanced buyer will be able to find out of more than 60 types of ready-made pools, the long-awaited pool – the future favorite place of rest.

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