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Attachments for the pool, filters, counterflow, water heaters

Attached equipment for the pool is an inseparable component of the reservoir, because in terms of functionality, the treatment plant has no competitors. Leaves of trees, dust, dirt and insects get into the pools, polluting the water in it in just a matter of days. Cleaning the pool by hand is ineffective, and the use of chemicals for cleaning is harmful to humans. The only way out is to buy a pool filtration system (professional cleaning equipment).

Forget about the hassle of laying water pipes in the ground forever, BNV is proud to offer you swimming pools with 21st century technology. The convenience of such equipment and the quality of their operation is the main task of manufacturing companies. The cleaning filter of the pool is simply hung on the side of the tank in a place convenient for the owner. All you have to do is run the power supply to the pool, and then enjoy the rest and swimming.

The simplicity of the design of cleaning equipment represents a number of values ​​for the owner, one of them is the ability to clean it without calling a specialist. Water is sucked in with the help of a side rabbi, passing through the filter pocket, then it is fed to the pump and returned back to the pool. To ensure the full operation of the pool cleaning filter, it is prescribed to remove contamination from the equipment only twice a year.

We recommend buying a professional-level pool filtration system after reviewing the full range of products in order to choose the right filter that is suitable for your tank in terms of power. For small pools, a filter with a productivity of 30–50 m 3  / hour will suffice. For bulky tanks, more powerful filters are needed that can pump 60–80 m 3  / hour of water.

Equipped with attachments, a clean pool is comfortable for evening swimming, because for the convenience of the owner, it is equipped with night, built-in floodlights that fully illuminate the pond. At the request of the buyer, the cleaning filter can be equipped with a heating element or a heat exchanger that maintains the desired temperature in the pool. A heated pond is a corner of paradise for fans of swimming in insatiable weather.

Building a full cycle swimming pool and acquiring a counter current would be an excellent choice for athletes. The cleaning attachment is adapted to popular types of pools, without requiring modernization of the sides of the reservoir. The presence of a countercurrent in the pool favorably reflects on the design of the treatment facilities – a powerful water flow prevents the accumulation of dirt at the bottom of the pool.

In the Georgian market, BNV provides water filters of its own production, and the electronics used in them belong to the well-known Spanish company – Kripsol. The attractive prices offered by BNV and the energy-saving quality of the products are the distinguishing features of the company. Attachments are made of hard plastic materials containing UV protectors.

Buying a pool filtration system from us is a pleasant and profitable procedure – choose a product and place an order. If you have any questions, please contact the manager, who answers all your questions, and also provides you with a recommendation on the selection of the most suitable, rational water filtration system for your reservoir. There is no problem of delivering goods to any corner of Georgia.

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