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Buy a plastic pool

Buy a plastic pool for swimming enthusiasts

Rest in a country house, in a country house, boarding house or, if you like, in a hotel is affiliated with complete relaxation and peace. It is for this reason that we are burning with the desire to come to the country as soon as possible, swim in the swimming pool, rest in body and spirit. The country swimming pool, perhaps, will be indispensable not only for the owners, but also for their guests. And for kids and teenagers, because it will become a platform for games that always bring joy and pleasure. Wouldn’t it be logical and pragmatic to buy a plastic pool to create an entertaining swimming corner in the country?

What is a plastic swimming pool

The plastic swimming pool is a bowl welded from polypropylene leaves with a wall thickness of at least 4 mm. Modern plastic pools are made using polyfusion thermal welding. To give the bowl greater rigidity and a long service life, special stiffening ribs are used in them, welded along the side parts. A plastic pool, as a rule, is installed in a pre-prepared pit. In addition, current technologies for the production of plastic pools make it possible to weld them both in advance and before laying them in the pit.

The shape of plastic pools can be different:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Quadrangular
  • Combined

The selection of sizes can also be in a wide range: from a small pool to a reservoir, with a displacement of up to 9 tons.

Modern pools, at the request of the customer, can be stuffed with additional devices that provide convenience and comfort, these include:

  • Water heaters
  • Water temperature controllers
  • underwater lights
  • Hydro massage
  • geysers

Positive aspects of plastic basins in comparison with other types of reservoirs

  • Low price . Buying a plastic pool and its installation is really a profitable solution for the budget of a family, hotel or boarding house. You get away from the cost of plastering and further cladding of the pool, which, by the way, is approximately equal to 30-50% savings.
  • Resistant to shock and deflection . The production of pools from polypropylene materials guarantees its marked properties.
  • Ease of installation work . The plastic swimming pool is ready for operation in 3-5 days after installation. A concrete pool requires at least 90 days for construction and preparatory work.
  • Thermal insulation. Polypropylene material of low thermal conductivity retains heat for a long time, which will cause energy savings for water heating.
  • Waterproofing. The plastic material will provide 100% sealing.  
  • Finished tiled surface. Spending time and money on the final coating for the selection of tiles or mosaics will be unnecessary.    
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays. The swimming pool will retain its original color for 20 years.
  • Environmental friendliness. Plastic swimming pool is environmentally friendly material for human health.

 Pool installation

The pool installation procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Selection of a place  on a plot of land where installation will subsequently be carried out. At the same stage, its shape and dimensions should be established. If the site pushes for the discretion of small areas, remember that the pool requires a space of 1 meter on all sides.
  • Pit preparation. Its depth will depend on the height of the walls of the pool, to which 0.5 m should also be added. At this cycle, it is necessary to take care of connecting communications to the bowl, filling it and emptying it with water.
  • Preparation of the base  on which the pool will be placed. For these purposes, a kind of pillow of sand and gravel is used. After a layer of concrete is applied.
  • Strengthening the pool bowl and its annular formwork .
  • Installing accessories.

 Swimming pool care

To keep the swimming pool clean, there are the following ways:

  • Mechanical cleaning . The main source of pool pollution is leaves, insects, dust, dirt. It is necessary to clean the garbage with a dustpan or skimmer, and even daily. A similar mechanical cleaning is also recommended when draining water during periods of its operation and before the start of the next swimming season, before filling the tank itself.
  • Filtration. Only with the help of filters will it be possible to get rid of pollution invisible to the naked eye. All  pool filters  are divided into three types:
  • sandy
  • cartridge
  • diatoms

Disinfection. Chemical preparations are effective means of cleaning pools from bacteria:

  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • active oxygen

Conservation work of the pool for the winter period

Before the onset of the first cold weather, it is necessary to prepare for a long-term season of frost and cold. To save the pool, the following measures must be taken:

  1. Water protection. Never drain the water completely. The water level must be left in the tank 10 cm below the level of the drain valves. The purpose of this procedure is to avoid cracking the surface of the swimming bowl during frost.
  2. Installation of compensators . Along the entire perimeter of the pool, vessels filled with sand by half are installed at a distance of 50 cm from each other. This will keep you from bending the walls of the pool inward.
  3. Dismantling of additional attachments .
  4. Covering the pool with a winter awning .

Buy a plastic pool

Buying a plastic pool is becoming more and more popular, not only because they provide a complete relaxation with water treatments, but also because they are clearly more practical. Plastic pools are easily selected according to one’s own taste, they are attractive and functional, economical and easy to install.

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