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Popular swimming pool or concrete tank?

The purpose of this article is to present the reader with the comparative characteristics of the types of artificial pools given in the heading from the perspective of positive and negative sides. The popular swimming pool of recent years – composite, or as it is called, fiberglass is widely represented in our product range and you can buy them. If you wish to familiarize yourself with all types of pools in more detail, you can read the article, after which we hope that your goal will be defined.

Proceed to the immediate listing of benefits.:

  • Simple and easy to install. How do you see the prospect of installing a composite pool on your own in just a few days (5-10)? Or maybe you are more attracted by the construction of a concrete pool that is stretched in time, well, somewhere for 2 – 3 months, in addition not by your own strength, but exclusively by experienced builders? Of course, if you have concrete construction experience, you can do it by working hard, but don’t be mistaken, a mistake in construction will cost a lot.
  • It is unlikely that your mood will be spoiled by the fact that the cost of a composite pool, compared to a concrete one, of the same size and volume, will be 30–70% cheaper.бетонный бассейн
  • Who will be against transparency and clarity in the estimates for the construction (installation) of the pool? Of course, no one. When choosing a composite pool, this will be the case, and only 5% will be allocated for unforeseen expenses. In the case of a concrete pool, the picture changes radically: there are frequent cases with unsatisfactory quality, inadequate monitoring of the construction process and misleading of uninformed customers with completed works (“evenness of walls after concrete pouring”, “formwork resistance”, “economical consumption of materials”, “their replacement with better and more expensive materials “, etc.).
  • A popular swimming pool, or rather its bowl of composite material, is unpretentious in maintenance, and therefore the next advantage will be simpler maintenance. It’s not difficult after all, a couple of times a year to wipe the surface of the reservoir thoroughly with ordinary household tools. In the case of mosaic-lined pools, you will get tired of cleaning them, especially between the seams, which are a depot for pollution and building “useful” fungi.
  • Do you want to save on operating costs, mainly on electricity for heating water and cleaning the surface of the pool? Then know that the composite material is a poor heat conductor and the water in it will cool for a long time.
  • Want to provide your pool with high reliability? Then the composite reservoir due to the absence of components (only one detail), errors in installation, installation of waterproofing, laying tiles and welding film coating.
  • Do not worry too much about the need for minor repairs, whether it is a crack or spalling (large ones simply do not have to), which rarely happens with composites – this is easily repaired. Where more problems arise with the repair of concrete pools, where you need to connect a qualified repairman.
  • Composite pool in repair is much more affordable than concrete (in case of cracks in concrete, falling off tiles or damaged films).
  • Composite today installed here, and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they wanted to change the place? No problem – because they are easy to dismantle. And it’s good that you don’t have a concrete pool, you don’t get problems with moving it to another place – both costs and time.
  • Due to its physico-chemical properties, the composite pool is resistant to deformation and shear. Here he comes to the aid of his elastic and ability to change shape, and therefore small shifts in the soil are easily maintained without damage. What we do not say about the concrete fellow, because he is likely to crack.

It is time to write something about the disadvantages of composite pools:

  • They do not shove into the finished room.
  • Relatively expensive long distance transportation.
  • The choice of sizes and shapes is comparatively limited.
  • If the production of composite pools were used cheap materials (there is a certain list of them to “reduce the cost”), then after a few years of operation, they float. Choose a certified manufacturer.

The above indicators show that the composite pool was not in vain among the popular swimming pools for the house in the last decade.

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