Щитовые плавательные бассейны-1
Size of the pool (m)Swimming Pools (GEL)Availability
15.25 х 3.2 х 1.54850Are available
26.0 х 3.2 х 1.55350Are available
37.0 х 3.5 х 1.56400Are available
48.0 х 4.2 х 1.57290Are available
510.0 х 4.2 х 1.58760Are available
69.0 х 5.0 х 1.58650by order
711.0 х 5.0 х 1.59995by order

Filtration system (Premium).

+ 7755 GEL


Stairs 4 steps.

+ 600 GEL

Shielded basins of frame type

Shield pools, or rather basin bowls are installed indoors or outdoors, under the open sky. Installation is possible, and in the ground, and at a previously prepared hard site. The panel pool is a structure made of steel resistant to oxidation.

To keep water inside the bowl, a special liner of PVC film. The pool demonstrates the increased rigidity of the structure and has several advantages.

The shell of the bowl is resistant to physical damage and freezing of water, which allows the owner to use the pool in the winter.

The bowl supports the installation of attachments, gangway and hydromassage jets for SPA procedures


Panel systems in the context of benefits

Undoubtedly, you have read enough literature about building or building a swimming pool, but if you feel the lack of materials and the need for their enrichment, then you can read the articles in our blog. Of course, one can guess with what amount of work and time costs will have to face in the construction of a particular basin (here, to a large extent, it is a question of building concrete pools). And it will not be surprising if you had an idea in a simpler, faster and more economical way to realize your own dream. In this case, we list the advantages of the shield basins:

  • Panel boards are designed for quick installation, which takes an average of 10 to 15 working days;
  • A swimming pool of this type can be installed in a suitable place for you;
  • You can arrange a swimming pool in the attached building, near the house, turning it into an attractive winter garden;
  • And in them you can mount a heating system of water, so bathe during the all-season;
  • The depth difference in the swimming pool can reach 0,5 – 2,5 meters;
  • You can adjust the depth of the small and deep zones at your own discretion.