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Something about swimming

The fact that swimming in general has a positive effect on the health and full-fledged physical development of the human body has long been a well-known fact, as everyone has repeatedly heard and continues to hear about it. (If you are going to buy a swimming pool for this purpose, then before implementing such a responsible investment, we will offer our informative article a swimming pool to choose for a private house). It is interesting, but did someone hear the phrase “swimming pool for health” and the phrase “precautionary measures?”. For sure, the only thing that could come to your mind right now is precautions to avoid physical, mechanical mutilation, not placing your foot or diving in a suitable place in the pool. It turned out that there is actually something to think about.

Really there is an opportunity to do harm to health by swimming?

საცურაო აუზი ჯანმრთელობისთვის–1Imagine that swimming is endowed with a certain amount of contraindications, and therefore, before turning a swimming pool for health, a supporting regular instrument will not be superfluous, it will be thought of having a professional consultation with a therapist, as well as other professionals directly related to orthopedics, neurology. You need to inquire about the fact that, despite insignificantly small contraindications for this kind of sporting activity, however, here is their short list:

– colds, pneumonia and the flu;

– neurological abnormalities, in particular expressed in convulsions;

congenital heart disease;

– epilepsy;

– severe cases of impairment in the locomotor apparatus, especially if there is a need for constant fixation of the patient’s limbs;

– all kinds of skin infections, because chemicals that purify the water in the pool, mainly chlorine, are extremely irritating to the skin, mucous tissues, and of course hair and nails also suffer. Frequent in this regard are severe allergic manifestations.

Swimming for those who want to lose weight

The swimming pool for health has created humanity and, of course, one should not be afraid of getting harm from it. Swimming practice connects almost all the muscles of the human body, even facial ones, with the load being measured on the whole body. The fact that all the muscles are involved in work, development, makes swimming the most valuable kind of sports activity on an amateur basis: is not the goal of restoring, strengthening or supporting our health the main goal in amateur sports?

Swimming from all other species is also a significant factor, due to which there is virtually no place for cases of sprain, joint overload or muscle systems. By virtue of physics, water has less resistance in comparison with air, and this causes an order of magnitude more energy costs in classes than, for example, when running. To everything else, the difference in movements in the water and air environments is added, because the water makes them soft, not expressing too muscular overload, as happens with grueling cross-country exercises in the gym.

You can safely say that swimming, like no other sport, contributes to the rapid disappearance of cellulite deposits. Swimming swims the skin, increases its elasticity, prolonging its youth and attractiveness. Swimming causes an increase in blood flow, causing the fluid to move evenly in the lymphatic systems. And this makes swimming an unsurpassed type of exercise in the matter of getting rid of excess weight and giving the skin a velvety appearance for many years.

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