Swimming pool and swimming are great health benefits

The swimming pool and swimming, as a sport, are known to mankind since the time of ancient Egypt, almost from 2,5 thousand years BC. This fact is confirmed by the earliest manuscripts concerning the teaching of members of the royal family to swimming. And in ancient Greece, swimming was recognized, almost the most useful sport for the body and soul.

მინაბოჭკოვანი–საცურაო–აუზიWater is the usual element for man, because we are made up of water by 90% in infancy, and 60% and maybe less in old age. This environment for the fetus in the maternal womb is familiar and safe for the little man.

The standard dimensions of the length of the swimming pool are 25 and 50 m. The water is heated in them to an average of 25 – 26 ° C. And the water in them is cleaned with chlorine, except for cases in which ozone devices are used in public pools for these purposes. However, it is known that the rules are not without exception, and we, having chosen the field of business this industry, included in the product range of glass fiber tanks, plastic sizes from 2.5 to 12 meters, and in the presence of individual orders and large sizes. Just wish and the ready swimming pool in our wide assortment will satisfy your taste and imagination. We also provide construction services for concrete pools of any configuration for a country house, and not only.

A distinctive feature of swimming, as a sport

As a rule, there are two types of standard swimming pools: 25 and 50 m long. The water is heated in them to an average of 25 – 26 ° C. And the water in them is cleaned with the use of chlorine, and only rare public pools use for this purpose devices that work on ozone. However, it is known that the rules are not without exception and we, as well as our colleagues competitors, produce, build and sell smaller pools. We can pick up a ready-made swimming pool or order the construction of a concrete pool for a private house or villa, hotel or holiday home.

What is the use of bathing in the swimming pool for health?

საცურაო აუზი აგარაკისათვისMany people know in common phrases that swimming strengthens health, does it not? However, very few people know that swimming in the pool has a beneficial effect on the mental and emotional health of a person. The water acts relaxing, soothing, relieving stressful conditions, restoring a healthy appetite, restoring a restful sleep. Swimming exercises strengthen the nervous system, restoring a sense of peace and harmony. Relaxation results in improved nerve endings.

The swimmer has to use force movements, to which practically all muscle groups are involved. It is for this reason that swimming is strengthening the bone tissue and muscles of the musculoskeletal system, while maintaining a positive load balance.  In the process of swimming on the joints, the minimum dose of the load is necessary, posture is improved and the endurance of the organism is developed.

Swimming in the pool is beneficial to health, saturating the body with energy. After all, the swimmer involuntarily carries out the exercises of respiratory gymnastics, so useful for the ventilation of the lungs and the gradual increase in their volume. As a result, the body, of course, receives more oxygen. Accelerated metabolic processes that cause burning of subcutaneous fat and improved digestive system. In addition, the processes involve cardiac muscles. Swimming pool and swimming, with regular use, causes strengthening of the cardiovascular system, strengthening the cardiac output, determined by the amount of blood ejected during one cycle of contraction.

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