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Buy a pool in Tbilisi from fiberglass, ready 

Construction, stretched in time swimming pools in Georgia is gradually out of fashion. Taking into account the technologies of the XXI century, entrepreneurs adapted to the needs of the last years and mastered the skills of positively solving issues in the shortest possible time. In Georgia it became possible to buy a pool in Tbilisi, note the finished one, and carry out its installation in 5 days on average. Quality of manufacture, durability of production and long-term of its operation are ground to enviable levels. An example of this is the ready-made fiberglass basins.

Manufacturing technology

მინაბოჭკოვანი–საცურაო–აუზიThe bowl of the fiberglass swimming pool is often referred to as a composite structure. Although, to the composite materials, the standard spaces are in no way connected – the advertising trick of unscrupulous entrepreneurs is financially unprofitable for consumers. Fiberglass swimming pools are made of synthetic polymers – acrylic and glass filaments. During construction, the polymer resin used plays a binding role for the fibers.

Pools made of fibrous glass are two times cheaper in comparison with composite analogues. And, for the manufacture of composite swimming pools, it is necessary: reinforced and nano fillers, medical composites, liquid and filamentary crystals, ceramic fibrous fillers. Do not forget about the technological processes, equipment and environmentally friendly materials for their production.

Fiberglass swimming pool

მინაბოჭკოვანი–საცურაო–აუზი_1For the end user, the criterion “price-quality” is a very weighty argument, because the future buyer seeks to buy a pool in Tbilisi like a real estate acquisition – once and for all. BNV gives a 10-year official guarantee to the fiberglass swimming pool. Huge experience in the construction of swimming pools, which owns (in particular since 1992 in Ukraine) the company guarantees that the pool will last much longer, since the 25-year history of the work does not recall a single case that the bowls of swimming pools made of fibrous glass had any complaints. The consumer does not pay attention to the strength of the basin, although this criterion is very significant for future owners whose land plots are vulnerable to ground fall due to groundwater. Resistance to soil shear is provided by a portfolio of ceramic, composite and fiberglass swimming pools.

Advantages and disadvantages

Resistance to chemical reagents, bacteria and discoloration of the pool surface as a result of ultraviolet radiation attracts the buyer, who wants to equip the pool in the courtyard, in the open air. The minimum heat transfer will be of interest to the buyer, whose land plot is on a solid soil layer, so difficult, and maybe not at all accessible to the sun’s rays and complicated for a short time heating water.  Fiberglass swimming pools do not require cladding – an ideally smooth surface is suitable for a comfortable family vacation.

Ready-made bowls reduce the time it takes to install and start the pool – this is a clear advantage of swimming pools made of acrylic and fibrous glass. The disadvantage is one – it is impossible to execute basins according to individual drawings. It remains only one thing to hope that even the most exquisite buyer, out of more than 60 types of ready-made bowls, will easily find the only joy that comes from resting in his own swimming pool.


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