მზა აუზების გაყიდვაHow to build a swimming pool at an affordable price and quickly – this issue is the subject of interest of many owners of country houses and villas that dream of opening a swimming season next to their homes once and for all with the onset of summer. This article is intended just for answering this question and presenting reasonable solutions for the creation of the design of an artificial floating structure.

Remember the proverb: hands grow from that very place

To build, you need knowledge, otherwise you are unlikely to cope with the case without the intervention of contractors. Before you start building a swimming pool with your own hands, experts will certainly give you advice, make a plan for construction and estimates, as well as a detailed description of the stages of implementation of construction tasks.

საცურაო აუზის ქვაბულის მომზადებაPractice shows that the construction of water bodies is implemented in two stages: the construction of a pit and the construction of a swimming pool. The first step is not difficult. The owner of the land plot will need to establish the location of the pit for the bowl of the swimming pool. And for the second step, much more knowledge and practice is required. The invention of the appearance of the basin, with the drawing up of a layout and drawing, elucidation of the required consumables and the formation of a better project, a task feasible for skilful builders. That is why, experts recommend passing the implementation of the second step of construction to the competence of experienced contractors: the acquisition of a ready-made swimming pool of plastic materials from the manufacturer, and of course, to make certain savings in the cost of the construction of a foundation pit under the bowl.

How to build a swimming pool    

After clarification of the installation site, the customer must select a suitable site of its manufacturer’s tastes and abilities swimming pool of a plastic material, and then taking into account the dimensions of the pool to dimension the foundation pit at the place. Polypropylene, the material of the swimming pool is inherent in the resistance to moving layers of soil, however, in spite of this, it is customary in construction to make a screed and sprinkle.

By determining the size of the bowl, start digging, but so that on all sides along the contour leave a gap of half a meter to the ground. Before you begin building a swimming pool, experts recommend starting digging for a pit either manually or mechanized with an excavator. The first option, of course, is cheaper and of high quality, because after work the excavator will have to bring the size of the excavation to the estimated project.

Primary preparations

აუზის არმირებული საყრდენი ფსკერი According to the technology, a swimming pool made of plastic material is to be installed on a reinforced slab. Therefore, the customer can not avoid the initial preparatory work of the bottom of the excavation, where it is necessary to lay a 20 centimeter layer of gravel and level it horizontally. On top of the gravel is laid a 15 centimeter thick reinforced slab. You can, as an alternative, build an armature and pour concrete, 15 cm thick.

First, the bowl of the swimming pool. After that it is necessary to conduct water supply and electricity supply. Experts do not advise doing the specified works in the reverse order, since, after installing the plastic pool in the foundation pit, as practice shows, the owners “need” to introduce innovations into the existing and adopted construction plan.

A practical approach

პლასტიკური საცურაო აუზიNone of the instructions for the construction of the swimming pool is not applicable to alluvial work. But, the technology prescribes at the same time to fill the swimming pool with water and carry out the cinder works. Pressure on both sides of the basin should be balanced. The swimming pool is sprinkled with a special compound – sand with dry cement – after which it is poured with water.

To simulate beach design, it will be necessary to arrange a reinforced belt. The swimming pool is embellished with natural stones and tiles. A point in the device of the swimming area in a country house or cottage puts laying paving or the plate around the pool decking.

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