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Stationary concrete swimming pools

ბეტონის საცურაო აუზებიAccepted throughout the world to be considered eternal, the bowls of swimming pools are made of concrete. Such pools are not afraid of any dangers and serve as masters for decades. In addition to a solid operating life, their main difference from composite swimming pools is the need for surface finish. It is thanks to the facing that the concrete swimming pools acquire a unique and attractive appearance.

There are several options for finishing modern concrete stationary pools. The most durable of them is considered to be tile. No less durable is the mosaic. It allows you to decorate the swimming pool with a wide variety of designs. Swimming pools made of reinforced concrete are faced with a PVC film – PVC liner, which is also an additional waterproofing layer, however, over time it burns out, crackles and undergoes deformation.

It is possible to single out concrete swimming pools of the French production of the BETER series, equipped with permanent plastic moldings from all “relatives” with reinforced concrete bowls. Such pools do not increase the cost of installation works, as is the case with conventional, classic concrete swimming pools. It should be noted that the cost of concrete swimming pools is not more than the price of a middle class car, while the maintenance of the pool will cost you less than a car.

Pavilions for swimming pools

საცურაო აუზის პავილიონებიIs there a canopy for the pool? This question is asked by each person who reflects on the structure of his own basin, and undoubtedly, the answer should be sought by himself. After all, what’s wrong with the fact that in a covered swimming pool you can swim all-season and in any weather? The construction of a private pool inside the house must be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the house, this at best. But it is not necessary that everything should happen exclusively so. Companies for the implementation of swimming pools, professionally performing similar work, will cope with almost any task. Entrance to the pool can be arranged not only from home. The pool can represent a completely separate building on the site and also part of the swimming complex.

საცურაო აუზის პავილიონებიIf there is no desire to build a separate room for a swimming pool, you can simply use the installation of the pavilion above the swimming area – transparent, sliding polycarbonate slabs. They can be of different heights. Under high pavilions you can walk around the perimeter of the pool in full growth. They are also good at keeping the heat, protecting them from wind, weather, water pollution and harmful ultraviolet radiation (of course, unnecessary). In other words, in hot weather under the pavilion you can stay as much as you like, without fear of getting a sunstroke and chilling in the water. The advantage, equipped with pavilions of swimming pools from not having such a cover, is also that seasonal conservation measures are not required, which, as a rule, is carried out by specialists, of course, at the cost of additional expenses.

Maintenance of swimming pools

Any swimming pool needs constant care, cleaning and maintenance. Purification of pools occurs with the use of nets (this is a topical issue for open types of pools), as well as various kinds of tools – a water vacuum cleaner. For the treatment of water, various filtration plants are also used. The most reliable are considered filters from quartz sand. However, there are other options. High quality water treatment can be achieved with a special membrane filter. In addition, the skimming water purification system is very compact, so it can be localized in one block with a counterflow system, stairs and lighting. It’s just enough to just put it into operation. It is not necessary to call specialists for pool maintenance. In addition to water filtration, it is necessary to disinfect it with the help of special chemicals. Do not be alarmed by chemicals, only correctly, according to the instructions, use chlorine-containing water disinfectants. Incidentally, for these purposes, not only chlorine, but also bromine, as well as active liquid oxygen, are already being used today. Do not forget about ozonation and ultraviolet irradiation.

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