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გასაბერი საცურაო აუზი_1And so, in this article we will touch upon the question: what kind of swimming pool is suitable for a private house or villa, which ones to pay special attention to, and what benefits and troubles should be prepared from your choice.

If the summer is hot, then far from the sea from wanting to cool, almost all the water bodies are similar to the contaminated lawns. But this can be avoided, and we’ll talk just about this, how to make a swimming pool in your own house or in the suburban area. Of course, the swimming pool is not a free pleasure, and besides, it is not cheap, however, it should be noted that every landowner can afford to own his own swimming pool.

Inflatable swimming pools

კარკასული საცურაო აუზი 1Inflatable swimming pools are the cheapest pools, we will not stop here for long, because this is not our work profile. In this case, do not expect the high quality of such pools. Inflated pools are made of multilayered PVC, piercing through which even the smallest children, and even the dog can penetrate. If this pool is used by children, it often does not live to the next season. Prices for inflatable swimming pools vary between 60 – 300 lari in relation to size and shape.

Frame Swimming Pools

The next kind are skeleton pools – a significant evolution, compared with inflatable brethren. And this kind of swimming pools is of interest to our business entrepreneurship, however, to create common ideas we will introduce you a little more in detail with this kind of swimming pools. So, in comparison with the previous type of pools, these are incomparably stronger and more reliable. Their device also does not require a lot of time, and they attract a large customer purchase layer just cheap, but what can hide behind this fact is not difficult to guess. There are skeleton pools of Chinese and European production. After all, Chinese products are “famous” for the lowest prices, in addition, their cheap offer includes also accessories, for example, a ladder into the water, a “unicellular” water purification system, cleaning tools and so on. You can imagine what kind of quality this should all be when European similar products (in function, of course), in particular, only a ladder costs as much as pulling a full set of Chinese products. In Chinese products, the material is completely plastic, whereas, in German, the obligatory material is a metallic layer for strength.

It should be noted that in cheap pools water filters, in most cases, cartridge, and very often simply paper, so, of course, the filter system of filler of quartz sand for them is from the realm of fantasy. You should also understand that the filtration system should ensure the full circulation of all water layers in the pool bowl.

Undoubtedly, skeleton swimming pools are much durable, in comparison with inflatable – 5-6 years of service life, even designed for minor repairs during the service life. It is also necessary to know that most mobile swimming pools are not frost-resistant and should be disassembled for the winter. Of these, the exception is the frost-resistant frame pools of the premium class.

And at prices, the Chinese start with 300-400 GEL for prefabricated, and European from 3000 GEL. A premium-class wireframe starts from 6000 GEL.

Stationary swimming pools – the direct sphere of our activity

სტაციონალური საცურაო აუზი 2If the inflatable and skeleton pools can be moved from place to place, a stationary swimming pool requires one perpetual “landing”. This means that you need a foundation ditch, gravel there to the bottom, a special concrete cushion, or pouring concrete with the formwork of the bowl, and at the end it’s decorative finish.

For such a swimming pool, it is necessary to create a system of water intake and return, if, of course, we are talking about overflow types of water basins. If your choice has settled on a skimmer type of pool, this problem is removed from the agenda. So a swimming pool with a skimmer type of water purification will be relevant for those who have certain problems with water supply in the house, in the country. The owner can use the services of a fire engine, fill the pool, and the skimmer type of water treatment will keep it in perfect condition. In closed types of swimming pools, with proper operation and maintenance, it is not required for years to change the water completely in them.


Stationary swimming pools with polypropylene, fiberglass or composite bowls.

კომპოზიტური საცურაო აუზიToday in Europe, swimming pools from composite bowls are very popular. At us they only start to pierce a way on the market and gradually win the popularity. A composite swimming pool is a finished fiberglass bowl (fiberglass reinforced polyester resins), the reflow of which is carried out in factories, without welding seams and sharp corners, possessing 100% waterproofing properties, non-rotting, resistant to chemical reagents, which does not require cladding, is durable. The thickness of the walls of bowls of similar swimming pools reaches 1 mm, and the long-term is tens of years. For their construction, it is necessary to dig a pit, and it is very desirable to pour a concrete cushion, the base.

The production of a composite basin bowl at the factory takes 2-4 weeks. And for non-standard bowls, the development of matrices which will have to be specially, it will take more time, not much. When choosing a swimming pool of this type, it should be ensured that the connection to the crane must be required for unloading and installation, and therefore, entrances to the private house or cottage area should be allowed to access the crane. For the price of a composite swimming pool and a concrete pool are not much different, and depends, in the first place, on the size. You can see the types and forms of composite pools here.

On this, today we finish, and in the next article we will consider concrete pools, pavilions to the pools, and, in general, the nuances of technical or other type of maintenance of swimming pools.

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