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What is a composite material?

Before we proceed to the main message to our potential customers – the rationale for the purchase of ready-made pools, a little cognitive material about their composition, characteristics and generally what is a ready-made composite pool. Visually, you can evaluate them by visiting our page to buy a swimming pool

Composite material, a composite is a multicomponent material created on the basis of plastic, the so-called matrix, containing fillers of high strength in reinforced form. The arrangement of various materials makes it possible to create a new material with distinctive quantitative and qualitative characteristics from the constituent components of this mixture. As a result of regulating the composition of the matrix, namely, their ratio, the orientation of the fillers, etc. the output is a wide range of materials required for the properties. As a rule, composites in their mechanical properties are much superior to traditional substances and alloys, and even more easily by weight. Their use makes it possible to facilitate the weight of the structure at the same time as observing mechanical parameters, or even improving the latter.

Why do you still need to buy a composite pool?

In the composite materials used in the casting of basins, glass, resins, fibrous substances and the like (fibrous resins, glass fibers) are included in the composition of the fillers. Composite pools are premium-class pools and are built according to the latest technological advances. The bowl of the basin is a monolithic layer, the epoxy resin content of the resin, and this makes it possible to absolutely resist groundwater and ensure a long service life under severe climatic influences. Among all the other stationary basins, the composite ones are distinguished by the following advantageous advantages:

Multi-variant installation

Composite pool can be installed almost everywhere, inside buildings and outside them, in hot and frozen conditions, immersed in full or partial depth, and absolutely flat surfaces are not required for this, even on the slopes of the mountain, if desired.

Installation at an accelerated pace

The bowl of the composite pool is placed in the pit with the pre-prepared gravel bed of the required fraction. Preparation of equipment, filling the pool with water and filling the pit takes about 2-4 days. Another 1-2 days to prepare water suitable for swimming. On average, the installation of the pool takes some 7 days. Of course, it is necessary to keep in mind the additional days for the arrangement, both the preparation of the excavation, and the establishment of order around the new pool after the installation work.

Strength and reliability

As mentioned above, composite materials consist of a variety of brands and high-strength fiberglass plastic Numerous experiments of materials of this family confirm the fact of the superiority of GRP basins in strength and elasticity over concrete companions in (!) 15 times. And each manufacturer of composite pools provides them with a guarantee for durability and reliability up to 50 years, and it remains to wish you to swim regularly all this time in your own and your favorite swimming pool. If it is necessary to achieve exceptional values for the strength of the composite, for example in cases with particularly severe climatic conditions, skeletons reinforced with additional stiffeners using Frostlock® technology are used. Damage, such as after being hit by heavy objects, is easily repaired by a local micro-repair and your pool is again integral and its facing still sparkles.

Uniqueness of designs

Designs of composite basins are characterized by a number of original features. The scatter of the presented forms and sizes amazes imagination, starting with traditional rectangular outlines and ending with the most unexpected and fascinating geometric images. Each pool can be a personality, thanks to the built-in parts and elements, such as steps, springboards, underwater chairs and beds, and so on. To beautiful creatures, to the weaker sex of humanity, we recommend paying special attention to pools with built-in SPA zones, so that you can always remove any stresses in a matter of minutes thanks to massage hydro-massage massages. And men will appreciate, undoubtedly, swimming pools for sport swimming, where you can support the youth and strength of all muscles.

An attractive color palette

This very palette is so diverse that you fall into the difficulty of choice. For example, you can choose the tonality of imitated natural marble with a 3D effect. And how do you look at the choice of the 4D effect, with the use of 4 color layouts, with which you can enjoy special drawings and space-dimensional illusions of your own pool.

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